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Tuesday, June 8, 2021

Unite and VOTE ATU757 Members!

Deke's Note: PLEASE VOTE! I do so almost every time. Whether it be a local, state, national or union election. Sometimes it's a slam dunk. I know who, what, and how I'll vote long before the ballot arrives. THIS election has been different.

First, my apology. I promised to continue a tradition where I would pose questions to our local union candidates and post their responses here. For several reasons, I failed to do so this year. I'm sorry if I let you down. I won't discuss why it happened so this time, but I regret not following through on my promise.

Next, it has been a long-standing policy of mine to keep my political votes private. Especially in a union in which several candidates are friends of mine, who I love and respect on many levels. Each has dedicated much of their time (and money) to improve our lives as transit workers. We ARE a family; sometimes a dysfunctional one prone to argument and intense division. I detest negative campaigning; it disgusts me. It's the same wherever people depend upon others to level the playing field for each other. Even so, we rise or fall as one.

I thank each of the candidates for their time. Every one of you has a specific vision of how things "should be" within ATU757. On some occasions we agree, others we differ. However, please know that even when we vehemently disagree, you are above all... my brother/sister. I respect your point of view. This is an honor on the highest level for me. Even if we disagree completely on tactics or the means to which an end is met, I am eternally grateful for your devotion to our local. Each of you running for office has done incredibly more for me than I have for you. THANK YOU ALL!

Each of the top three office candidates have worked hard to do what they believe is best. Some of you I know personally. We have shared joy and pain together. Others I do not know as well as I would like to. When I color in that ballot square, it may not be you. For weeks I have studied your words and tried to understand your ideals. It has been very difficult to make my choices; one has been especially agonizing, picking between two or even three.

I'm a classic Libra in that I have a very hard time making decisions. Especially 50-50 propositions. That's why I rarely, if ever, place bets. Often when I am convinced of a "sure thing" I have been incorrect. That doesn't mean my choice will be wrong either way. 

This election is vital. They all have been. Whoever wins will undoubtedly make mistakes that leave some of us feeling we voted incorrectly. When this happens, remember the other person having won instead, may have done something else we disagree with. 

None of these candidates are perfect. Mistakes will be made. It's the human condition. However, I prefer to believe as an optimist, that whoever wins the election will work strenuously on our behalf. They will be the buffer between management and US. It's vital to support our team even when we may disagree.

Now please mark your ballots and send them in. It's time to make our choices. We have seen dismal member participation at our agency in recent elections. Your vote might swing the election to your candidate. Every one counts.

Whoever wins, please give them support and encouragement. If we keep fighting amongst ourselves, we lose. I pledge my full support to the victors-to-be, whether I vote for them or the other one(s).


  1. May the winner be successful in all they do for you at ATU 757!

    By the way, I wanted to email you, but your address doesn't show in my contacts from when we last corresponded and I was so sure I added you onto the list!


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