Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Music in the Key of Deke

Deke's Note: In my quest for peace and calm in this screaming soul, I usually turn to music. This post is a wander through the musical woods of my life, past and present. Wherever you see a link, click on it and take a waltz through one of my favorite tunes. It's just a good time for this post. I've hit the crossroads, and I'm changing directions. Mama always used to say: "If you have nothing nice to say, best not say anything at all." Hopefully, this will be a nice departure for us both.

As a newbie on this job, there were many new "Beginnings." First job which required I wear a wristwatch, but Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is? It could be anywhere between 25 or 6 to 4, but during a Harvest Moon who cares? When I was the New Kid in Town, there was so much to learn, and write about in here. Now, I struggle within the Sound of Silence.

Someday I hope to shed this Deke pen name altogether, to stand up and shout I Am, I Said, even if... to no one there. If and when this happens, Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow? Management might not enjoy this blog, but when folks read and comment, You Make Me Feel Brand New. I guess it will be time to "come out" One of These Nights. Doing this, however, might start a Wildfire, so I'll have to make sure I'm not Out In the Country.

Lately as I drive during rush hour, I softly sing Traffic Jam to myself. I would use the PA, but I hate tomato on my uniform. It's all I can do just to get to the End of the Line to enjoy a short break. We deal with so many who complain about our ride, or expect special favors for $2.50. I tell them they're free to take a Taxi, and then I would have One Less Bell to Answer. When they get uppity and rude, I don't put up with their bullshit. You'll never see the Tracks of My Tears, especially in the Summertime, when I kick you off. Walking is good for the temper. Of course to do something like that takes True Grit, because I would rather Shower the People who ride my bus with kindness. I'd rather they stay and have an intelligent conversation. In today's world of strife and violence, it's I prefer to preach like the Reverend Green, when he implores us: Let's Stay Together.

And When I Die, truly hope there is a Stairway to Heaven, because my heart is in the right place. That's The Way I Always Heard It Should Be, but I must hold on to my faith.

When it's Late in the Evening, how I wish there were Someone to Watch Over Me, as that would ultimately be Gentle On My Mind. Usually, my solitude is shattered by someone Killing Me Softly as they sing a horrible rendition of the classic Rubberband Man. I'd rather the Doobies get on board and serenade me with Southside Midnight Lady. Or if Dad could come back, I could thank my Leader of the Band for his masterful teachings and guidance. Maybe he'd bring Satchmo down with him and remind me What a Wonderful World this once was... I miss him too.

Your Deke was a wee lad when he first heard The Unicorn Song, singing along in his child soprano voice. When our family moved to Arizona, my mind wondered what would happen By the Time I Get to Phoenix. A few weeks later I found a wonderful TV show for kids there, and happily whistled along to the Wallace and Ladmo Theme Song every day after school.

As I grew into a man, I was often Head Over Heels in love with some cute girl, especially one with Diamonds on the Soles of Her Shoes. Maybe her name was Suzanne, or even Judy Blue Eyes, but then Jesse broke my heart. There was surely a Melissa who ranked high, but then my Bear came along and we danced on a Sea Cruise. Later, I commiserated over past loves with my buddy Josh, and we sang Pancho and Lefty together as the whisky flowed over our heads.

Nowadays, I'm often one to Listen to the City as I wonder if my writing career will mirror that of the poor bastard Mr. Tanner. It's always possible I could become a Wichita Lineman, but it's more likely my beloved will whisper You Can Close Your Eyes as I enter into my final rest.

Thanks for hanging around so long. Hope you enjoyed my musical roll.

With love and appreciation,
Deke N. Blue


  1. What a amazing composition. My wife and I plan to spend hours rediscovering old favorites.

    1. I’m glad you enjoyed singing along Ed, but I’m sure y’all have a better voice!

  2. Awesome and entertaining! A lot of songs in there among my favorites too! I needed this lift, especially since the last few days on my job have left me Comfortably Numb. I just have to stick it out another eight days till Vacation, though... whew!

  3. Very creative !!!! You must be a music buff !!

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