Sunday, May 20, 2018

Speaking Positively is Your Big Stick

It's union officer election time again here in Portland. I've been busily formulating a list of questions for the candidates of the top three offices: President, Vice President and Secretary/Treasurer. It's my goal to give each a voice on this blog so that you can compare them and make your choice based on their answers.

I have voted in United States Presidential Elections since the time of Reagan. In these four decades, I've sadly watched our national political discussion decline into a third-grade playground argument between bullies. It is my heartfelt desire to push these campaigns into a different shade of grey, avoiding the personal attacks we tend to allow elections to devolve into. Although I disagreed with Ronald Reagan's political beliefs, I admired his debating skills. He tended to avoid personal attacks per se, but hit his opponents with rhetoric as his main weapon rather than insults. Reagan won using charm and humor, even when his facts left one wondering who was correct.

President Reagan was a master at baiting his opponents. Tip O'Neil, Speaker of the House of Representatives at the time, had a difficult time deflecting Ronnie's use of humor and folksy charm when debating heavily-partisan issues. These two political enemies actually became friends. Sometimes, it's not the issues that matter; you either like a candidate or you don't. Reagan beat Carter in 1980 because he came across as the strong man, Carter the weakling.

I've sent a list of questions to the candidates for the top spots in our union local's 2018 elections. Those who respond will have their words posted here. You'll read their responses and hopefully this will aid you as you decide who is best qualified to represent us.

Speak up, brothers and sisters who beg our votes. It's your time to convince us. Let us hear your best voices.

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  1. Whether or not it is election time our member’s voices should always be heard and acknowledged.