Friday, May 11, 2018

Just Pass Gas, Not Me

When is it a good idea to pass in a turn lane? Never. It's not only illegal, it can also put you (and others) in extreme danger.

People are in such a hurry to get nowhere fast. To the red light... first. Even if it means tailgating the vehicle ahead of them and having to slam on the brakes just before cutting me off, to avoid rear-ending and being rear-ended. It seems as if people think it's okay to break the Yield Law if they're so close to the car ahead they can't see my flashing red signal. Just to get ahead of my bus, which will (eventually) accelerate to or just below the speed limit.

What's your hurry? Late to your own casket? You'd think that would be the last place to hasten towards. We're all treated to the antics of risk-takers on a daily basis, but today was a record-breaker for me. Normally, my horn is used about three times a shift. Today, I had to use it seven times, thrice within a 30-second period. In our line of work, sounding the horn is a warning to those at whom it's directed. NO, do NOT walk in front of my bus upon exiting, unless you want to become a gushing fountain of red upon the hood of Rushin' Rodney... HONK!

STOP! That bus driver you're passing has at least three reasons for leaving the stop he just serviced. First, his blinking Yield Light should be your first hint. Second, that's not a passing lane you're zipping into, but a turning lane. It's used for vehicles who want to leave the road and enter a different by turning left onto it. (Yeah, even cops do this. Saw one almost splatter a crosswalk-using gentleman in a wheelchair into the adjacent field. I didn't honk that time. Cops hate to be reminded they are sometimes worse offenders than those they cite for doing the same thing.) And third, that's what we do... stop, go, stop and go again. You should be looking ahead at the big ol' lane hogger bus and predicting our next move before you get there. We give you plenty of opportunities to proceed around us, so why must you tempt fate rather than simply waiting for the safest moment to pass? Don't be a dumbass, because that's exactly what I call you at those times when your brain functions in disconnect mode. My horn is to alert you of your dumbass-ish-ness. You're welcome that I predicted your asshole move in time to save your life.

* * * * *

Saw a friend of mine at the garage today who I've missed the past few months. He told me a motorist in a large pickup slammed into the back of his bus one day, at full speed. Caused neck, shoulder and sternum injuries to my dear friend. He's been in physical therapy ever since, and is finally returning to work. I hope his Workers' Comp claim isn't denied, but it's not unheard of. Management tends to brag about winning such cases against its employees. Heal fast, my brother.

* * * * *

Finally, a light moment to close with. Gave a brief ride to a gentleman today who was looking for his wife. Another passenger offered to help.

"Can't find your wife, eh?" he asked. "You can have mine."


  1. Thanks for a great read!

  2. *Workers' *Compensation Some workers are men , some are women. Workers' is the gender neutral word that includes Everyone.

  3. Thanks Wanda. Fixed it. Sorry for the unintended misogyny.