Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Dire Warning of Looming Disaster!

The vessels of our impending doom.
At first, I couldn't believe what I was hearing. I thought the man from Harrison Street was sent as a hoax some friend had elaborately planned. This entire story had the feel of some science fiction nonsense, like a movie straight out of early Hollywood. My early training as a journalist however, led me to investigate further. What I've found is so chilling, so terrifying, that I report it now in fear of my life.

Writing as Deke N. Blue has afforded me a cover the past four years as I prepared to report this devastating news. It's all been a sham designed to throw agency spies off my trail while I gather information specifically for this article. It is perhaps time I reveal my true identity, to protect myself from certain recriminations for what I'm about to inform you, but that will come in time. First, prepare for the most outrageous of schemes by not only our transit agency, but of our own transit agency as well as others around the globe.

I write this from a secret bunker deep in the hills of the Cascade Mountains. My exact location is camouflaged by an intricate network of servers administered by freedom lovers worldwide. Any attempt to locate me could endanger the worldwide network we all know as "the CAD." Since time is running short, I will get to the point.

Bus operators have unknowingly become key elements of a plan to eliminate dissenters of a cabal whose intent is worldwide domination. With the steady decline of the middle class has come an increased wealth of the elite. This tiny number has come together to launch such a diabolical plan as never seen before. With the Earth's resources stretched to the limit with nearly eight billion humans competing for sustenance, we have reached the breaking point. The well is running dry, and those at the top are on the brink of putting into effect the most horrific chain of events mankind has ever known.

Millions will be put to death or imprisoned and sentenced to lifelong servitude. Only certain "chosen ones" are to reproduce the future's civilization. Even as I write this, the first phase of execution is about to begin. This blog has made me Public Enemy #1005, which puts me in this initial elimination group. Any bus operators who have history of defending themselves against outrageous policies will be the first chosen, without their knowledge of course, to assist in implementing this plan.

Notice how many transit operators have been lured into this once-honored profession the past five years, only to find benefits have systematically declined in the same time period? There is a reason. Management, under direct and highly-secret orders from the Department of Transportation, has put into effect policies that force operators to adhere to schedules to the fraction of a second. The reason? Because transit operators are part of the first elimination phase. Timing is precise, as massive amounts of people will need to be quickly transported to disposal plants, in order to create the element of surprise.

Buses are secretly being programmed to revise routes at certain intervals. At precise moments in a route, busloads of sacrificial passengers will be rerouted to thousands of hidden encampments around our country. Operators are to have no control of their vehicles once a specific time point has been reached. The HVAC systems will suddenly produce a sleep-inducing vapor that will affect all within the vehicle. An autopilot device will assume control, and several different bus lines every hour will experience this deviation in the normal schedule. Buses will immediately roll to their predestined encampment, usually located in sparsely-populated areas as to eliminate suspicion from locals. Upon arrival, the HVAC systems will deliver a wake-up call for the passengers, who will be given a few minutes to revive. Doors will not open until that moment at which the passengers become aware of their surroundings.

Passengers will be forced to exit the buses into tunnels which lead deep underground. Once they arrive in the processing center, they will be evaluated by transit personnel. Those found fit for productive enslavement will be spared. Rejects will be executed by firing squad.

The first wave is scheduled in about a week, my source reports. It will be a massive undertaking, with an estimated 20 million Americans taken to camps the first day. By the time the first wave has been found missing, martial law will have taken effect and mass incarcerations will follow. Within two months, survivors will be given their new, lifelong work assignments. There will no longer be "retirement." People will simply work until they die.

Media and journalistic outlets will be silenced the end of the first day to quell dissent. Protests will be strictly forbidden, with military outposts defined immediately following the first wave of removals. Those not taken the first day will be served with a strict curfew. Anyone without management credentials found outside past this time will be immediately executed.

Transit operators, known for over a hundred years for their efficiency and professionalism, have been chosen as conduits for the first phase. Contract negotiations have been stalled and outrageous proposals from management put forth to further stymie any progress during the planning phase. So-called "protective cages" around operator seats have been installed on some buses, but are to be installed on all vehicles by week's end. When the bus is scheduled to reroute, the cages will lock the operator within so that any escape attempts are futile. Operator windows will be sealed shut, making the driver a captive in the seat until his/her own fate is decided at their encampment.

I understand your disbelief, shock and amazement. When this plan was laid out to me by my informant, I also felt it too crazy to be true. Yet the recent militarization of transit agencies, especially locally, in the past few months, adds credibility to the claim.

Strict adherence to certain policies has lately been insisted upon by management. Operators not in compliance with uniform standards have been disciplined and counseled. Our on-time performance has been scrutinized and operators have been written up for the tiniest infractions. We've been systematically trained to withstand passenger abuse and torment, and any self-defense by operators has been met with suspensions or other punitive measures. This seems to be a ploy to beat down our resistance and foster a sense of military discipline within our ranks.

That $11 million our transit agency says is to be used to improve transit police facilities is actually a secret budget line item which is being used right now to construct an underground encampment and human disposal facility deep underneath in our own city. The ruse of repairing light rail tracks in our downtown is to mask the final construction phase of the camp, which is a modernization of the shanghai tunnels built in the 1800s. An offshoot of the MAX line will funnel thousands of my dear fellow citizens to their certain deaths.

By fall, the entire world will be transformed to near-prehistoric times where slavery and population domination will be the new norm. The idea of self-government will be a history no future generations will ever learn. Our civilization as we know it has only days before total "sterilization."

How did we get this far without even knowing it? Mostly, and sadly enough, this is a product of our own ignorance. Allowing transit agencies to govern themselves has created a global catastrophe. Where past generations theorized of intelligent life from beyond coming to annihilate our civilization, initial plans for this genocide began shortly after the Roosevelt presidency. Decades of misinformation, divide-and-conquer tactics, assassination of the political center, religious fanaticism and insensitivity to human decency have all been part of this plan. Our conquerors and executioners are of our own creation, conceived in a collective refusal to simultaneously embrace both logic and compassion. A mass infusion of technology has removed intellectual curiosity; it's been replaced by compliance, voter apathy and acceptance of sensationalism. We stopped reaching for stars, and instead grabbed each other by the throat in an attempt to reinforce the incredible falsehoods we have accepted as our own personal truths.

There is so much more to write, but I haven't the time. I must move after publishing this post to another safe location. From there, I will try to send out more warnings. If strange occurrences start to happen, it could be a prelude to the impending disaster. If so, DO NOT ride transit. Save yourselves!

For now, wherever you are, I implore you not to dismiss this post as the insane ramblings of a Pre Annihilation Tragedy Reformation Informing Conspiracy Killer.

Make peace with each other. Enjoy what we have left. Once this contract is signed, we're all doomed.


  1. Wow! This is so creative I am stunned! Wow!

  2. Brilliant! That was quite a ride. Shows what a true talent you are! And the This would be an awesome Netflix series should you chose to sell it and retire from transit. Good job Brother.

    1. Aw now, shucks. Sure, maybe I'll write a novel about it. This post was the result of a 20-minute game of keyboarding. Maybe I'll expand on it later, if I could only get my first book on the shelves first! Thanks WhiteShirt.

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  4. Amazing! Thanks for the warning, Deke.

  5. It's all true. I see it happening here too.

  6. Had me at the edge of my seat the whole time.
    Gunna be a Powell Books best seller.