Thursday, May 11, 2017

Busted! Hair, Not Fare, Cutter Caught

They caught a bad guy this week. Nasty dude. Likes to masturbate and wipe the mess in ladies' hair. Or he'd cut their hair with scissors and run off the bus. Glad he's off the street. Again.

Funny thing how our transit agency will turn over boulders and mow down trees to ensure a passenger assailant is brought to jail. It protects its passengers, occasionally. Still won't clean the buses, but if someone cuts your hair you can be confident they'll be hauled in by a vigilant public and dirty laundry media.

Hit a cop? We've seen what happens then. Beat up an operator? Oh well, that's just part of the job. Suck it up, buttercup. Nothing here to see folks, keep moving along.

Whenever an operator is assaulted, our agency should provide the media with photographic evidence just as they did in this last incident. Our assailants should be captured, arrested and tried for their crime. Then they should be permanently excluded from riding transit. Surely, if someone assaulted one of our management team at their place of work, that assailant would be punished to the extent of the law.

Last year, we had 55 reported assaults. There have been at least 20 this year to date, that I know of. Probably more that haven't been reported. No photos on the news. Nothing from the news. No screaming from the union leadership to the news outlets. Not a peep out of management.

Just drive, people. Nobody cares, is what the amplified silence suggests. Well I care, damnit! Don't you? Do you care that people are being assaulted and told when they use self defense that they're not allowed, and could lose their job? Do you care that operators who do defend themselves are often suspended, even when their actions are justified and legal?

I care. Come on, transit and your paid-for media, do your job and protect us.


  1. If it makes the news TriMet cares ! Always wanting to look like they care about the public (yea, sure they do). Put up a cheap reward, get good press . They could care less. This was all over the news so they had to do something. Too bad they really don't give a crap about the drivers or anyone else. Phony, phony, phony !! Keep fighting the fight, keep bringing it to the forefront ! Love your blogs ! Don't stop !

  2. yup. No counter argument to this post. If somebody has a counter argument please post it.

    1. Lol Al... is there a counter argument to operator safety? I should hope not, although I could change the title.

  3. ...big sigh shaking head...

    It is exasperating. I am glad your voice on the matter is still strong. Many of us have roared until we're hoarse, myself included. Keep it up, Deke, we need you!