Monday, February 13, 2017

Illumination Issues

The days are getting longer now. The frigid dark mess of winter is beginning to fade. With all the weather excitement of the past few months I had forgotten to write this one. But today's antics of those with whom we share the road set me off today.


When it's dark, headlights help us SEE. This is important. Especially driving while our nearest star is shining on the other side of this globe. Your car is equipped with a switch labelled "Lights" and is relatively easy to use. Just turn it and watch what happens. Presto! The scene in front of your vehicle is suddenly awash in light! Now you can see where to point that thing you're driving, that is of course, when you're not looking at your stupid phone. And also, now we can see your car. Cops see someone driving with no lights after sundown and it's a sign they may have been drinking. A sure way to check to see if your lights are on is to look at the bumper of the car in front of you. If you see a reflection of your headlights, they are on. If not, you might just want to flip that switch.

You also have a control for how bright your headlights shine into oncoming traffic windshields. This too, is important. If your brights are on and another vehicle is approaching, please dim it down. Unless you prefer to be a dimwit, of course.

Some vehicles come equipped with extra lights below your headlights. They are used to help you see when it's foggy out. So if it's not foggy, why are you driving with them on? You think it looks cool, you say? Maybe you just got stoned, your eyes are slits and you dig having those extra lights. Faaarrr ooouuuuuttttt maaaaan. Sorry folks, this is just plain rude. Save the fog lights for your brain. Give other drivers a break and only use them when necessary.

Driving without lights is just careless. If you can't see pedestrians or cyclists, you're putting them in danger. If other vehicles can't see your vehicle, it stands a much better chance of being physically altered. Basic elementary stuff here. Sorry, but some people seem to need a refresher course in common sense.

It has been said that it takes a village to raise a child. It also takes one to teach its own citizens to drive. But what if the village is populated by idiots? I'd hate to believe that's the state of things here, but sometimes I wonder.

Be safe folks. People are counting on you.

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