Tuesday, August 2, 2016


Graph of most popular countries among blog viewersOK, this is interesting... I see that my readers in Russia have taken the lead in total hits on my blog. I know two people who are from Transylvania and one from Russia. How did this translate into 1,208 views this week from there? In second place, the United States registered 852 hits while Canada came in third. It's amazing and gratifying to have people read my posts from a country on the other side of two oceans from me.

Either this blog is translated into foreign languages automatically (wow, this here internet thing is cool), or there are more English speaking Russians than I was aware of. It lends credence to the argument that Americans are often less-educated than people in other countries. Whatever the case, I'm curious to know what my new friends in Russia have to say about this blog. Are they bus operators, or just interested in what this strange American has to say about his career?

Mostly, I'm honored by the blog's worldwide popularity these days. Each of you who read this have made a lifelong dream of mine come true. To have over 70,000 hits in three years is just astounding. I can put sentences together which somewhat convey ideas related to what I do and how I feel about it. There are no college diplomas on my walls. Writing just comes naturally to me. I love to do it, but save for a few years in college, I've taught myself through reading. In fact, given my rather ho-hum list of accomplishments in life so far, I often refer to myself as an idiot savant.

These statistics give me hope that the book of blog posts I'm working on right now will have a wider audience than I modestly hope. As a perfectionist, it's hard to figure out the format and such. But I'm actually doing it, which is a departure from past projects which either took a decade to finish or weren't completed at all. Procrastination is best left behind, if you ever get around to doing so.

So, to my readers everywhere, THANK YOU. I appreciate your taking time out of your day to read From the Driver Side. I look forward to hearing from any, or all, of you. We're all just normal people after all. We work, we eat, we exist on the same tiny planet in this dust mite of the Milky Way.

Peace be with you all.

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