Sunday, December 6, 2015

Quick Note

Sorry folks, been really busy lately, no time to write much these days.

Also doing some serious soul repair, because my writing evidently was becoming 'rantish'.

It's my favorite time of year, and I need to work with St. Nicholas to find some smiles for the miles I have yet to go.

Don't forget the reason for the season this year my friends. Slow down, smile at the kids, do something special for someone who's not expecting it.

Be careful when you're driving, walking, biking, skateboarding, etc. Your loved ones want to see you home safely, and so do your bus and train operators.

Peace be with you all.


  1. "Rantish"?

    What's that supposed to mean?
    You are writing what you feel which is what all great writers do! It's excellent!

    This row with bike Portland has you questioning yourself! Big mistake IMO

    1. Thanks Al. I appreciate your support! Actually, I'm trying to find my 'lighter' side again. I've been angry lately, but those bike folks aren't the cause. Also working on some other endeavors. Plus, if I don't have something worthwhile to write, I just... don't. Off to drive a bus now...

  2. I did 5 paintings for folks that were not expecting it! this is delivery week! Try to rest too...I know you worked a lot of days in a row...<3

  3. Good stuff! Life is hard but has it's bright spots. Much to be thankful for.