Saturday, November 15, 2014

Ch..Ch..Chains and Devastation

My chariot awaits in the desolate, frozen wasteland.

Oh, how horrific the damage from our first "major" winter storm! Tens of dollars of damage, snow drifts up to at least 1/32" deep, wind chills harsh enough to make Midwesterners laugh scornfully!

The dire predictions of 4-6" of snow topped with a layer of freezing rain failed to show. It was almost as cold as my first wife, and nearly as windy as she.
Half-inch icicles... how much damage can we endure?

My thanks to the tireless efforts of our mechanics who chained our buses the night before, then had to un-chain them the same day when the storm pretty much fizzled in most of the district. It's brutal for them to battle wind, traffic, and everything else to do an outstanding job.

But the question remains as blase as a FaceBook meme... will we ever recover?

A poor tree buried in a snow "drift".


  1. Hi this is Lily (with the braids lol), I met you on the 75 Thursday. Blogspot ate my first comment, I hope I can remember what I said. Thank you for sharing your blog with me. You are a wonderfully talented, entertaining and observant writer. I look forward to your upcoming posts. It was lovely to meet you. Maybe I'll see you soon.

    1. Ahh, that lovely hair! It was certainly a pleasure to chauffeur you to your destination that day. As a greedy artist, I devour compliments and afterward enjoy them again as decadent dessert. Thank you, and please feel free to share these often clumsy attempts at portrayals of my profession with anyone else you know who rides transit! ;)