Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Waiting for Something Funny to Write...

Hello Beloved Readers,

Since my last posts were technical, I'm working on a more entertaining piece for my next major entry. In the meantime, I'm just driving and waiting for some new material to pop in.

Thanks once again to all those who read this. Hits have exploded the past month, and it's very humbling. I truly appreciate the shares and the kind words of encouragement. So far, we've seen over 2,500 hits in the past month alone! Overall there are 8,600+ hits all time, so my goal of hitting 10,000 by summer is becoming realistic.

Meanwhile, my pal Patrick has been busy too. We tend to have a competition where writing is concerned, even though we write different topics. He's into the creative side, while I've tended to rarely stray from the technical. We have a deal: he publicizes my blog and I tell y'all about his. We're both greedy, so the more readers the better. Plus, the more of you who read From The Driver Side, the more hits he's apt to get at SnickerDude. Lately, he buys most of the beer. But hey, from what he's written already, that trend might soon change!

Take a peek: SnickerDude: "After 40 Years, I Still Miss Pat"

The Deacon in Blue appreciates your time, and Patrick will too. I think you'll enjoy his writing. He's a bit more emotional than I am, but he's pretty good at it from what I've seen.

Meantime, I'll think of something entertaining to throw your way someday soon.

The Deacon

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