Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Artistic Encounters...

Well it's only been a day, but I realized something I could share with you...

Over the winter signup, a very kind gentleman rode my bus and every time he exited, he'd give me a piece of candy in gratitude for a safe ride. When I started this new route, which is the same one going a different direction, I began the great pleasure of giving him a ride to downtown rather than from there. Arne was happy that I remembered his name, and I asked him where he was going every day he rides the bus. Turns out, he's an artist and spends considerable time at a gallery.

Hey, you know, artists are a dime a dozen, I figured. Then I went to the website and found he is anything but ordinary.

One reason I took this job is I enjoy interacting with people. I meet some fascinating personalities on a bus! So far I believe I've made some new good friends and had the pleasure of new acquaintances with others. I've given rides to people I know and hadn't seen in a long time. Once in a while I have the proverbial asswipe, but luckily they have been few and far between.

Take a gander at Arne's work if you like colorful art. Some are nudes, so don't look if the human body offends you. I can't afford to buy any of his work at the moment, but it is interesting and provoking.

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