Tuesday, March 21, 2017

A Riddle and A Frog

The sun came out to play on Thursday. How refreshing to know spring is near! I finally had the chance to test my new eyeglasses, and thankfully they darken inside the bus too. It was quite a challenge when the rainy streets were ablaze in sunlight and my old specs didn't filter the glare. Either way, I hope this is a glimpse of more to come.

With the bright rays came a lighter mood. I was jovial, opposed to the previous five months of steady rain dampening my spirits. Plus, that happened to be St. Patrick's Day so people were playful. When thinking of bloggable subjects, I came up with this bus operator's riddle:

This shade of green beckons from afar,
Shining below an amber star.
But if you try to reach it too quickly,
The result could render some sickly.

I doubt this will fool most of you,
Today it's framed by a shade of blue
We Nor'westerners rarely can see;
Oh what then my dears, could it be?

* * *

A sweet girl boarded my bus on a layover one recent rainy evening. Her hands were cupped protectively in front of her, around something I couldn't see.

Noticing my curious glance, she asked "Want to see my frog?"

Instantly, I was trying to figure out if this was acceptable behavior. She had ridden before, and had always been sweet and respectful. What came out of my mouth next was a surprise to us both.

"Oh," I said, "is that your service frog?"

After we both laughed at my clumsy humor, she explained. 

"I'm bringing it to my friend because you see, I broke his terrarium earlier and I feel bad. I wanted to give him something to make up for it."

I was simultaneously amused and perplexed. What if little Freddy escaped his bondage and jumped up some lady's skirt? Might somebody's work boot accidentally prove fatal to this juvenile amphibian?

Stepping off the bus to contemplate amongst a satisfying cloud of nicotine vapor, I was flummoxed. Knowing the Standard Operating Procedures require pets to be in an enclosure, it worried me she didn't have one. If someone complained, I might hear some grumbling from management.

Luckily, a friend picked her up a few minutes later. My worries were no longer valid.

Service frog, indeed.


  1. I appreciate you and all your kind words and calm demeanor!

  2. Nice article, well done. For me, I struggle when folks say things like "tangle with management" because the bulk of my day involves actually helping Operators and others with their needs, requests, and bringing clarity to the myriad of concerns and questions they have. Most if my contact is them approaching me for help. But I've been on the "other side of the fence" as well and understand the often inherent mistrust of "management". It's okay, I work hard to turn that around. Trust me, I've driven and worked for far worst management than TriMet. :) I do enjoy the majority of your observations and stories. Take care....

    1. Thank you Greg. I appreciate your being thoughtful and appreciative of what we do! You did it previously, therefore you tend to "get it" more often than others. Peace.

  3. I had to read the riddle 3 times before I got it. Hahaha. Love the frog story.