Wednesday, May 11, 2016

It's My Anniversary!

I would say it's my birthday, but it's funny that I put a fictitious day of birth on my FaceBook profile and every year I get tons of birthday wishes! Actually, it has been three years this week since I began blogging. It "bloggles" the mind to realize I've been writing this for so long already.

Within a week or so FTDS will achieve its 60,000th hit. Once again, I thank everyone who has helped make this humble tome a success. Al Margulies (Rantings of a Former TriMet Bus Driver) started publicizing and linking to it from its earliest stages, has always been supportive, and I am deeply appreciative. Tom Horton, the Rampant Lion, also took notice and has been great helping me keep facts straight. Dan Martin, Henry Beasley, Karen Dietz, Gloree Taylor, Jenelle Jack and many other drivers here have had my back, protecting my identity while always reading and giving me encouragement.

A close friend of mine is working on a cartoon drawing of the Deacon. I had a request to do a radio show in Nova Scotia. Drivers approach me with great blog ideas. The past three years have truly been a wonderful confidence booster, and I'm eager to see what awaits me between now and the next anniversary. It may not be the best driver blog out there, and I've seen some great ones, but it sure has been fun.

It's really cool to see people from all over the world reading my words. Ken Coates from the United Kingdom is someone I met on "holiday" at the beach, and has become a regular. Ellen in Minnesota is the mother of a friend, and her two cents are always worth a buck. Operators chime in from Denver, Tucson, Philadelphia, Nova Scotia, Australia and numerous other places too. It's always been a dream of mine to touch people worldwide with my writing, and that dream has come true. I never dreamed it would happen this way, but it's a great start with a book on the way soon.

Oh, and speaking of the book, I need to get back to writing it. I only have a few hours each night before the eyelids droop too low to see the words. One night I actually woke up with my head on the keyboard. One look in the mirror revealed an almost perfect 'QWERTYUIOP' dent in my face. Good thing I didn't drool into the keyboard.


  1. Happy anniversary/birthday!
    May 11th IS my birthday, so far the only famous person I know about, born on May 11th, is Irving Berlin. (White Christmas). So, there's that.
    Keep the blog rolling. I look forward to your book, you are guaranteed at least one sale :)

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