Thursday, March 24, 2016

The Jury is In

I've been busier than a one-toothed beaver in a lumberyard. Just last night I began deciding which FTDS posts might work best in the book I hope to publish, wondering what to name the collection, and asking your opinions on whether I should "come out" from under my pseudonym.

So far, my FaceBook friends have voted 3-1 in favor of me remaining under cover. Mrs. Blue is pissed! She thinks my dual personality is tiresome and silly. But she understands, as many of you do, that I don't want to lose my job if I write posts which stretch the limits of corporate decorum. That's actually what I work for: a corporation run by the government. I've been injured by corporate bullies before; in another job I held, a certain big-wig blatantly put his name on an article I wrote for the company. I was told to swallow my pride or lose my job. It was a tough chew, but I somehow got it down. It left a terribly rotten taste in my mouth. I wanted to punch the guy, but I've artfully avoided handcuffs so far and never enjoyed jewelry anyway. This old boy learned to take "freedom of speech" with a large chunk of sodium from that point on. So when I signed on to this gig and their information officer tiptoed around the "free speech, except..." concept, I just smiled and nodded. More corporate doublespeak.

When the first week of May arrives, this blog will have its third birthday. The "hit count" has risen nicely over the years, and I've had a lot of fun. It's been great practice for me as well as a wonderful steam kettle. As time on the job goes on, a lot of tension builds up. Wordplay as the Deacon has helped keep my blood pressure down.

As I read some of the earliest posts last night as I began work on The Book, I had to chuckle at myself. Even though I wasn't very young when I started driving bus, my words painted me in a naive light. A friend of mine, who started driving about the same time I did, said she has followed my progression from wide-eyed greenhorn to somewhat-jaded semi-veteran. There are some posts that are gems while a few leave me wondering "What the hell did I write THAT for?".

Shortly after I began driving, Big Ol' Daddy saw me shake my head as I listened to him and other more experienced drivers talking about their experiences. He told me, "Don't kid yourself Deke, you'll be just as jaded as we are in a few years". I disagreed, and he laughed. To a degree, his words were prophetic. However, when I do act out a bit too much, it still makes me feel uncomfortable. Some things I've done over the past year especially have made me re-evaluate myself, take a good dose of chill pills, and adjust my attitude. A double scotch on a Friday night does the trick as well.

Yeah, the jury is in. It's not a unanimous vote, but I have to agree anonymity is the best row to hoe. Less weeds, more product. No toxins or bugs to worry about either. So if you know me, please keep it close to the vest. I'll be singing this Steely Dan tune a while longer.


  1. Steely Dan one my favorite groups

  2. Just a couple things. We work for a "Municipal Corporation," with taxation authority, it's own police force, and its own district attorney. This corporation is governed by state law, and a board of directors which is appointed by the state governor. Corporate managers and administrators have no accountability to any elected official whomsoever. The corporation is not an agency of any elected government, but rather a rogue bureaucracy ruled by agenda-driven elitists.

    Remember Lane Jensen? He was a watchdog with a blog until the corporate management had had enough of him, trumpted up changes through their private D.A., and sicked 6 district police officers on him at his place of business. They arrested him, sent him to jail, and gave him a permanent criminal record. This Municipal Corporation.

    Remember Clackamas County objected to Light Rail expansion? What did our employer do? Sued Clackamas County's duly elected government, cut bus services to and from neighboring counties, and built their LRT anyway.

    These things are worth considering before you publish your true identity. In any case, I'll sure be first in line at the bookstore!

    Best wishes my friend,

    The Rampant Lion

  3. Completely understandable given the nature of who you work for.

    They are not, and I know this firsthand, a 'tolerant' employer

  4. You need to protect you job....Do not publish stuff that would jeopardize that. Stick to the humor etc.

  5. Deacon you're right in using a "nom d'guerre", as I did. Many MANY moons ago I was an on air talk show host, and also used a pseudo, and still got my share of letters on Big Chief tablet paper in red crayon, so I was just as happy the writers couldn't look up my address. different reason same result.
    Yours in protection
    Capt. Crazy