Friday, March 18, 2016

Cleansing Our Political Energy (COPE)

Abraham Lincoln as he appeared in 1858.
Not wanting to fully emerge into the union's political arena, I just want to say it's time we reverse the trend of dirty campaigning in our own house. We see it every day on the national political scene, and it is truly disgusting how many of them act.

I encourage every ATU 757 member to vote their conscience. The question is simple: which candidate has the best potential to do US the most good? We don't come to this conclusion by battering those we don't agree with. It is nobler, and more conducive to unity, to trumpet the good in our personal choice. To tear down another is gruesome, hurtful and painful to watch.

Each of the three running for president have their own wonderful qualities. However, I rarely hear about them. What seeps through is mostly negative. So and so did this to such and such long ago,  etcetera etc., ad nauseum. Many seem to have some sort of dirt on the other two, while elevating their preferred candidate to sainthood. It's akin to stating "Candidate A smells worse than B, so I'm voting for C". But you know, each individual has a unique sense of smell. Candidate C might smell better than the other two put together to me, but all three might positively reek to you. You can't judge a classic novel by its musty cover, any more than you can convince me that eggplant tastes anything but bitter. I will not begrudge you your fondness for eggplant, and you cannot convince me your coveted recipe will send my taste buds into orgasmic bliss.

One President of the United States whom a great majority of Americans will agree was the finest we've ever had, Abraham Lincoln, faced what many believed an insurmountable task in keeping the Union together. At the time he was elected, the United States was balanced on the precipice of failure. When he campaigned against Stephen Douglas for Illinois Senator in 1858, he opted to add a profound biblical reference to one of his most famous speeches. "A house divided against itself cannot stand," he stated. When asked why he would invoke one of Christ's most quoted statements (found in the gospels of Luke, Matthew and Mark), he said: "I wanted to use some universally known figure, expressed in simple language as universally known, that it may strike home to the minds of men in order to arouse them to the peril of the times".

Our employer would love to see us render our own union useless. We do this without any help from them, by tearing ourselves apart, endlessly divided, fighting battles of little benefit to the whole. The peril we all face right now, is our employer's desire to chip away at our livelihood and benefits with each new contract negotiation. Retirees feel betrayed, as well as our newest members; so we're already seeing our unity ripped apart. Recently, some retirees wondered if they should form their own union. If we can't protect either group today, can we logically expect the newbies protect US in the years to come?

So ol' Abe's words ring true today, whether related to ATU 757 or our beloved United States of America. We're fighting amongst one another when our energy and commitment should be to unify, become ONE strong force, and push forward... together.

"A house divided cannot stand." I repeat this to stress a vital point. Once this election is over, are we going to continue arguing over who we think should have won, or put aside our political prejudice in order to facilitate a powerful good for ALL of our beloved brothers and sisters?

I've made my choice who to vote for. Once the election is over, I will add my own strength to the victor's to help build the power necessary to effect change. It is my fervent hope this becomes our collective battle cry from this point forward.

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  1. So true, thank you for sharing.