Tuesday, October 27, 2015

I Hit the Jackpot! (Not.)

The recent readership explosion of this blog has also shown a marked increase of advertising revenue. Numbers of "clicks" have exploded, leaving me with a giddy sense of excitement thanks to added income to my struggling coffers.

This has me dreaming of possible vacations. Shall I return to Hawaii? A trip to Ireland, Italy, Spain or the coast of Marseilles? Will the Deacon realize his dream to emulate Steinbeck's cross country odyssey in a brandy-new camper-adorned pickup truck? Can I finally roam carefree in our nation's capitol, spending a week or two exploring the Smithsonian and all of DC's wonderful sights?

Sigh. I guess not. Since I sneakily allowed ads on my blog earlier this year, I've made a whopping buck-fitty or so. Not exactly a bundle. More like a haphazard mound of pennies. Just about enough to plunk a few quarters down and take a few spins on the Redneck Retirement Plan slot machines.

Seems I'd have better luck dressing in ratty clothes, sporting a makeshift sign out of cardboard reading "Anything Helps...My Retirement Fund is Woefully Short" and standing out on the street with a tin cup.

So it's off to the shower with me. Time to don the uniform blues and make my way downtown to catch... er drive... a bus.

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