Thursday, January 9, 2014

4000 and Counting....

Thanks everyone...since I began this bloggishness last spring there have been 4000 readers!

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

A Few Clips Worthy of Mention...

Another first happened this past week, one that greatly amused my passengers and me for quite a while. As I pulled into a transit center, I noticed this gent pushing a 60"+ old-style flat screen TV toward the loading area. The bus in front of me, of course, turned him away, so he proceeded to my bus. The monstrous set was on a large cabinet, making the entire ensemble about five feet tall and at least as wide, about two feet deep.

"Sorry sir," I managed to say without laughing, "this is not a moving van. That is too big to transport on a city bus." His shoulders sagged. It was NFL playoff weekend, and he seemed desperate to get this home to his living room.

"Never seen that before in all my years riding a bus!" one passenger chortled. "Dude wanted to bring that big screen TV on! You guys see that?" He was roaring with laughter. It was contagious. As I closed the door and prepared to leave the stop, I had to turn my head so the poor man wouldn't see my amusement.

"Hey driver," the man shouted gleefully, "let that dude on! I wanna watch some football!" Of course he was kidding, and I responded with a big smile in my passenger mirror. He told everyone who boarded about the event, and he was more entertaining than the guy with the TV. We passed the next 10 minutes joking about amenities that would be nice on a city bus. A stereo alone would be a great addition...

Luckily I was able to avoid working Christmas, it being my normal day off. Had a nice time with the family, cooked a marvelous prime rib with a ham, garlic mashed taters and all the trimmings. Since I'm of the age where New Year's Day is just another flip of the calendar page, I decided to work it. Normally, a holiday like this is a piece of cake, but the line I was driving was busy all day. Of course it helps if you choose your own holiday work, but I forgot to go to the signup event and it was assigned for me. It was a line I've done many times before, but never have I been so busy on a holiday! Oh well, at least the drunkards were home in bed nursing hangovers, because everyone was nice.

Now the calendar is flipped, it's time to take this gargantuan tree down, along with the lights outside. Sigh. I hate this part!

There have been some very nice comments from folks lately. I didn't realize so many people actually R-E-A-D this blog, and it's very encouraging. There have been over 3,000 pageviews since I began writing From The Driver's Side last year. Perhaps there would be more if I relented and added advertising, publicized the blog more actively, or wasn't so adamant about protecting my true identity. But on these points I will not budge. So it is up to my readers to spread the word, if you are so inclined. Thanks for reading, and I hope to offer even more entertaining copy in future posts.